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Private Vocal Lessons

Our industry professionals meet with students in our new 2 state-of-the-art vocal rooms in 30 minute and 1 hour lessons. Students will focus on the basics of vocal training, teaching each student to sing with greater range, proper technique, accurate pitch, and beautiful tone while learning proper breathing and warm-up exercises.

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At BAC we want your child to find the right fit. Students are welcome to try a full week of classes to find the perfect classes just for them!

Benefits of Private Vocal Lessons

PROMOTES Self Confidence

Vocal lessons, particularly one-on-one sessions, offer personalized attention giving a safe place to conquer nerves. As they progress, they feel more confident in their abilities and build self-esteem with every new skill they master.


The research is showing that music instruction leads to changes in a child’s brain that make it more likely they will reach their full cognitive and academic potential. It speeds the development of speech and reading skills.


Vocal lessons from experienced teachers show you how to breathe so you can both carry notes longer and sing longer phrases without having to re-fill your lungs.This awareness in understanding your own voice, and how you produce sound, is how you learn to improve the quality of your sound.

Way of life

Directors word

Your child is number one to us. We are extremely passionate about arts education, supporting and nurturing each and every student. Each student gains a sense of joy and accomplishment, sharing this positive experience with their peers. Students develop an understanding of teamwork that positively benefits and influences their everyday lives.

At BAC your child will study with highly certified teachers that are seasoned professional artists and instructors.

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