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Broadway Arts Centre

Dance | Theatre | Vocal

Recreational Dance

Our unique approach uses carefully-crafted programming and exciting performance opportunities, developing students that are confident, resilient, and goal focused. It is equally important to us that we create technically strong students with the highest certified teachers, a syllabus-focused program and a state of the art space that protects the physical well being of each student. Our classes allow each student to grow as individuals as well as create a strong team bond  within their class.

Musical Theatre Program

Musical Theatre is one of our programs that offers students an exceptional overall experience. With three passionate and specialized instructor’s, students train in all three disciplines; singing, dancing and acting. This magical program awakens each student’s individual creativity, artistic abilities and strengths. Building confidence, passion, and a special ensemble spirit among their class. Each student develops through technical classes and exciting performance repertoire and is highlighted in our annual musical production as well as our year end recital.

Private vocal lessons
Private Vocal Lessons

We offer one on one private vocal training. Our industry professionals meet with students in our new 2 state-of-the-art vocal rooms in 30 minute and 1 hour lessons. Students will focus on the basics of vocal training, teaching each student to sing with greater range, proper technique, accurate pitch, and beautiful tone while learning proper breathing and warm-up exercises.

Performance Company

Broadway Arts Centre’s Performance Company is a dynamic course for advanced students wishing to compete, travel, and perform at festivals and community events. With a focus on developing performance skills, company members enjoy weekly classes and rehearsals with professional directors and choreographers. Skills developed throughout the semester are showcased on stage in a wide variety of performance opportunities.

Advanced students also have the opportunity to be promoted into advanced performing solos and duets, where their skills are refined and they are offered additional opportunities for public performances.


Camps at Broadway Arts Centre offer dance, music, singing and much more fun. We are happy to provide a vibrant community & positive studio environment for our students. The final day of the camp there is a performance open to all family and friends to come watch. Campers will enjoy 2, nut-free snacks provided daily by the Broadway Arts Centre. We offer free drop off 8:30am-9:00am and aftercare 4:00pm-4:30pm.


"Broadway Arts Centre has become a second home for my daughter. It’s such a healthy, comfortable, energetic environment with wonderfully talented teachers. It's amazing how much my daughter has grown as a dancer and performer during her time there."

Melissa Marazzi, Parent

"This is the best studio I have found in Toronto. The staff and very friendly, professional and caring when it comes to my daughter. She has learned so much from everyone there and continues to be so excited every time she goes there."

Dani Weiss, Parent

“My daughter loves Broadway Arts Centre. She is onto her 6th year there. She has never had a complaint about any of her dance teachers. They are very friendly and encouraging. The staff is just GREAT! ”

Kristianne Monsivais, parent