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Performance Company

Performance Company 5 to 17 years

Broadway Arts Centre’s Performance Company is a dynamic course for advanced students wishing to compete, travel, and perform at festivals and community events. With a focus on developing performance skills, company members enjoy weekly classes and rehearsals with professional directors and choreographers. Skills developed throughout the semester are showcased on stage in a wide variety of performance opportunities.

Advanced students also have the opportunity to be promoted into advanced performing solos and duets, where their skills are refined and they are offered additional opportunities for public performances.

Everyone is welcome to attend our auditions. For more information and to book your audition, please call 647-294-3211 or email us

There are two performance streams – Dance & Musical Theatre.

Micro Company – 3 HRS Weekly

Mini Company – 6 HRS Weekly

Junior Company – 8 HRS Weekly

Intermediate Company – 10 HRS Weekly

Senior Company – 10 HRS Weekly

Pre-Competitive Dance Company – 6 HRS Weekly

Broadway Arts Schedule

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At BAC we want your child to find the right fit. Students are welcome to try a full week of classes to find the perfect classes just for them!

Benefits of Performance Company


Performance company gives you many opportunities to perform on stage. Through these experiences you learn how to rehearse effectively, work efficiently in class to prepare, work through nerves, focus amidst adrenaline and be comfortable on stage.


Learning new skills and routines for performances encourages a child’s general knowledge and vocabulary. Learning to cope with issues such as self and body image, stress, rejection, nutrition, and better understanding of anatomy and injury prevention.

Advanced Training

The performance company program’s professional approach gives the dancer strong technical training. Dancers attain knowledge in professionalism, performance skills, casting requirements, audition training and etiquette. Performance skills are honed through workshops and performances.

Way of life

Directors word

Your child is number one to us. We are extremely passionate about arts education, supporting and nurturing each and every student. Each student gains a sense of joy and accomplishment, sharing this positive experience with their peers. Students develop an understanding of teamwork that positively benefits and influences their everyday lives.

At BAC your child will study with highly certified teachers that are seasoned professional artists and instructors.

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