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Broadway Arts Centre


At Broadway Arts Centre our highly certified teachers that are seasoned professional artists and instructors, offer exceptional instruction for children and young adults in singing, dancing, and acting.

Perfomance is the heart of Broadway Arts Centre. Our performance opportunities create confident artists by bringing together their technical ability and artistic expression.


"Broadway Arts Centre has become a second home for my daughter. It’s such a healthy, comfortable, energetic environment with wonderfully talented teachers. It's amazing how much my daughter has grown as a dancer and performer during her time there."

Melissa Marazzi, Parent

"This is the best studio I have found in Toronto. The staff and very friendly, professional and caring when it comes to my daughter. She has learned so much from everyone there and continues to be so excited every time she goes there."

Dani Weiss, Parent

“My daughter loves Broadway Arts Centre. She is onto her 6th year there. She has never had a complaint about any of her dance teachers. They are very friendly and encouraging. The staff is just GREAT! ”

Kristianne Monsivais, parent
Important Announcement!
Broadway Arts Centre is now The Railpath Arts Centre who will be happy to assist you in moving forward.
For more information check out:
Phone: 647-409-3115